Grande maison familiale

The house is situated in Brittany, on the South headland of the Finistère, Cap Sizun, at 12km from the Pointe du Raz, in Audierne Bay, the Natural Reserve of the Iroise Sea.

The nearest big cities are:
Quimper (40 km), Lorient (100 km) & Brest (100 km).


  • Video of the GR 34, customs path

    Broadcast from France 5: the great treks, that of Brittany. You see exactly the landscapes around the house, and you can even organize a walk with Marie to Ty Félix

A piece of history

This house was build in 1924 by Joseph, our Grand Father.
He was bricklayer in Brittany. It has always been our family house where we spent all our holidays, that’s the reason why we are very proud and attached to it.

In the past, there was no warm water, only in the kitchen. There was no bathroom, and restrooms were outside the house, in a little shelter.

I still remember the feeling I had when I was young, when we came here for Easter holidays. It was very wet even with a hot-water bottle with me in my bed, typical atmospher of a sea side’s house.

leisure activities

Trez Goarem Beach

Immense white sand beach, supervised during July and August, at 2km from the house.

Surf (Trepasses Bay)

Surf School



Sail (Audierne)

Sailing School, Optimist training for kids.

Sea Kayak

(Audierne) :

Horse riding (Plogoff)

Bicycles rent

(Sainte Evette)

Helicopter Baptism.

(Audierne) Aerozais documentation

Aquashow (Audierne)

Aquarium and birds show.

Swimming Pool (Esquibien)

with toboggan et spa.

Walk in the surroundings

You can have ask all information you need to the Tourism Office of Audierne and on the following website:


The trekking pathway, GR 34 « Pointe du Raz - Venise » is just beside the house. There is a IGN map of Sizun Cap & you can find all sea side pathways & inside pathways of the Cap.

Best places

The Pointe du Raz

Trepasses Bay

The Pointe of Van

Mills of the Cap

Old water & windmills rehabilitated: you can buy your own flour directly to the miller.


The rue Kéréon with its old house dated from the Middle Ages, the Beurre Place, St Corentin Cathedrale


Rhu sea Port, Fishing Museum

Sein island

This was called The Last Island before America. The wharf is in St Evette, for a one hour journey, this is the ideal escape for a day.


Weavers ancient city, artisanal & traditional activity.

Le Guilvinec

Important fishing port : boats arrival at 4pm from Monday to Friday, and fish market.

Héliotika, for kids, Fishing & sailors environment discovery.



Ornithological Reserve of Sizun Cap

You can discover different sea bird species suchs as Macareux, Cormorans, in a typical wild landscape.

Tourism office of Audierne & Finistere
Tourism in Finistere